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FF7 Recap: Crisis Core, Episode 4

Just a quick by-the-by before I get going this time: I've been using this YouTube playlist to make my recaps. It's the highest quality, most complete playthrough I could find with Japanese audio and English subtitles. (Hearing the Japanese audio is important to me, because Asians Do It Better. Plus--Gackt as Genesis. No WAY am I missing out on that.) I think I'm missing some of the action between cutscenes, but I make it work.

Get caught up:

Episodes 1 & 2

Episode 3

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AN: Previously, on Crisis Core: Zack has just lost his best friend/mentor, Angeal, to whatever crazy Genesis has stirred up in him. The war between Wutai and Shin-Ra is over, but Zack's first real mission was a fail since he didn't catch Genesis before he firebombed his hometown from the sky. (Or until the Shin-Ra army blew it up themselves--I'm still not clear on that.) Now, back at SOLDIER headquarters, he's been called to the situation room for a new mission. . .

EPISODE 4: "We Can't Stop Here--This is Turk Country"

Congratulations, Zack--you've been promoted to 1st class!

Zack: Somehow, this sounds like bad news.

Your first mission is to assassinate Genesis and Angeal. They've become a liability.

Zack: Yeah, definitely bad news.

Oh don't worry--you don't have to kill them yourself. The Shin-Ra army will do that. You just track them down for us first.

Zack: But . . . Angeal was my friend.

Sephiroth: That's why I'm going too.

Zack: What, to kill them?

Sephiroth gives him another Look, but then they're all saved from further conversation by alarms going off--someone's broken into the building!

I'm not sure what happens next, I think a lot of fighting and running (this is the only downside to doing this with cutscenes instead of the full gameplay), and then Zack is outside in Sector 8. He sees a female in trouble, and instinctively goes to help--but wait, stop, Sector 8 is Turk territory. Zack's not allowed in.

Also, apparently Tseng can take a fireball in the face and live. Who knew? And that girl Zack was getting ready to go save--she's laid out the two thugs who were attacking her by the time Zack gets done arguing over his right to even be in Sector 8. Her name is Cissnei, and she fights with a very colorful spikey pinwheel thing.

Zack: Whoa. She's cool.

Tseng: Aren't you supposed to be on a mission?

Zing! Again, I'm missing some action here, but suddenly Genesis himself appears in Sector 8. Everyone else either stands back or runs off while he and Zack fight, but I think this guy must be either a clone or faking, because Zack finishes him off way too easily--perfect graceful landing, feathers everywhere, the whole deal.

Cissnei: So beautiful, like an angel's wing.

Zack: On a human, wings just make you a monster.

Cissnei: No. Wings are for those who wish to be free.

Interesting. Cissnei runs off then, and Zack has to return to this mission he's so thrilled about. Sephiroth phones him from the Mako reactor in Sector 5.

FYI: "Mako" is the substance that this universe uses as an energy source. It's part sci-fi "unobtainium" type super-powerful whatever, and part mystical life-energy like The Force. It's blue.

Sephiroth: Get over here--we need to find Angeal before the Shin-Ra army does.

Zack: Are you going to kill him?

Sephiroth: . . . I'm going to fail to kill him.

Then Zack squees so loudly that Sephiroth actually flinches and holds the phone away from his ear until Zack calms the hell down.

Now, I know Sephiroth is going to turn crazy/evil at some point. I know this, and yet he seems so wise and decent here that I can't help but like him. Which means that once he does join the dark side, it's going to hurt.

So Zack gets himself to Sector 5 and almost runs over a felled metallic bird thing. With Angeal's face. WTF?

Sephiroth: It's a clone. Apparently they aren't just using Genesis to make these things.

Question: Who are "they" and why do the Genesis clones look human, and the Angeal one looks like a metallic bird thing? So far, this has not been answered to my satisfaction.

Zack: So you're on my side, right? We're going to help Angeal?

Sephiroth: We used to be friends, all three of us. We would hang out in the training room at headquarters and spar.

Flashback time! This is my favorite scene. Angeal, Genesis and Sephiroth are perched on top of this gigantic industrial building, at sunset, and Genesis is reading aloud from "Loveless." (Of course he is.) Sephiroth tells him to knock it off already, let's fight, and off they go. It's all well and good at first--lots of long hair flying around, along with those awesome looking coats and crazy swords--until Genesis decides he wants to duel Sephiroth solo. "I want to become a hero too."

The reason this is creepy: That's exactly what Zack said to Angeal when he was all gung-ho about making 1st class. I forgot to mention it in my recap of Episode 1, but it's in there.

Sephiroth: Bring it.

Genesis charges up his sword to set it on fire, and the duel begins. Turns out Genesis doesn't need any wings to fly, and neither does Sephiroth. However, somewhere in the midst of this fight, the mood changes, and they're no longer just screwing around--they're actually trying to kill each other. Angeal figures this out and tries to break them up--"You're going to destroy the building!"--and takes a fireball in the face for his efforts.

Sephiroth doesn't go down so easily though: he busts out of a Giant Fireball that Genesis has been encasing him in and takes the fight out of midair and back onto the building. His sword is long enough and sharp enough to slice through the enormous steel platform they're both standing on. If they keep this up, they are going to destroy the building. Angeal manages to get back up and forces his way between them, yelling, "Seriously, stop!" and being equally ignored.


Somehow the fireball nicks off the end of Angeal's sword and it flies back and cuts Genesis in the shoulder. Fight over, program aborted, the whole place pixelates back into the SOLDIER training room. Sephiroth and Angeal both stand back.

Genesis: I'm fine. Just a scratch. It'll heal on it's own if I leave it alone.

Then he walks away, limping a little and clutching at that spot on his shoulder. Which happens to be the same spot where his wing-joint is now. He leaves with this parting quote from "Loveless:" Nothing shall fortell my return / Even if the morrow is barren of promises.

Translators don't agree on "fortell." It might also be "forestall." Either way, it amounts to, "This ain't over yet."

End flashback.

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