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Looking for a fic...

Hopefully this community isn't dead yet, and someone can help me. I'm pretty much on the verge of pulling my hair out over this fic, because I absolutely cannot find it for love nor money.

Anyway, as far as I can remember it's either after FVII or Advent Children, OR it's AU. Yeah. Helpful, huh? The main points I can remember are:

  • There's a giant tree involved. Banora White. It was summoned maybe? I think it surrounds Midgar, or what's left of it, and people were dying from starvation and exposure and they kinda did everything with the magical tree that kept growing, making apple everything, using the roots and wood to rebuild their homes, and the new Edge/Midgar was built around and up and sort of encapsulated by this massive, massive sprawling tree. I think?

  • Tifa becomes Aerith's knight? At the end of the fic this is referenced. I think because the POV person thought Tifa was male at first then when she got closer they were surprised that the 'Knight' was female.

  • This is partially in either an outsider's POV (some ambassador from Wutai, or Yuffie if it's AU)

If any of you have any idea of this fic from these few rambling sentences I will adore you forever (and kinda be in awe of you for figuring it out).

Oh, and just in case three or four years go by and this fic hasn't been found - yes, I still want it.
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