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Sephiroth Patch Version 1.1

Version 1.1 has finally been released, fixing a load of small glitches in the patch - Barret calling Seph spike head; Cloud icon in the bike mini game; Cloud's head showing up when Jessie explains the map; new polished versions of Safer and Bizarro Cloud; too many little glitches solved to list! 

The Sephiroth Patch allows you to play as Sephy against the evil Cloud, using the origional field models - it's the most complete Sephy patch on the net!  You play as Sephiroth in the field, battle; chocobo mini game; bike mini game; world map; updated text and icon swaps.  Only compatible with the PC version of FFVII.

Download version 1.1

The full version of the patch (135mb) but just one exe file to patch all - if you're unsure which file to download you need this one and the Cut Scene Pack.;8838258;/fileinfo.html

For those of you who have already downloaded and installed Version 1.0, you need to download this patch (30mb).;8838723;/fileinfo.html

This is the extra small version of the patch (15mb) that now includes text changes and does everything the full version does, however, the installation is not for the faint hearted.  Very, very longwinded - be sure to read the ReadMe.;8841182;/fileinfo.html

Cut Scene Pack

To alter the cutscenes to portay Sephiroth as the hero you need this patch, whatever version of 1.1 you download.;8721283;/fileinfo.html

Now for a truckload of screen shot links to show you what's complete in the patch:

Cut Scene Preview:

Compilation of Sephiroth models in the field:

Sephiroth in wheelchair:

Young Sephy (Awwww... ain't he cute!):

Female/Tranny Sephiroth:

Compilation of Cloud models as Sephiroth:

Sephiroth in battle:

Sephiroth on world map:

Sephiroth in bike and chocobo mini game:

Bizzaro Cloud:

Safer Cloud:

Sephy Icons:

However, there are still a few glitches that need ironing out:

Reverted back to Cloud for the snowboard mini game.

Sephiroth limit breaks and other battle animations - currently Sephiroth has Cloud's limit breaks and the animations are very whacked.  The moves still work - they just look weird.

Sephiroth is stuck with the Masamune for a weapon in battle.

The single Masamune field model has not been swapped for the Buster Sword.


Special, special thanks to Sephiroth 1311 for doing practically all of the hex editing for me!  Henkays Ikuisuudesta for showing me how to decompress the bin files; Borde, Ficedula, Squall 78, M4v3R, Lord Ramza and Mirex for their most excellent modding programs!  Qhimm for his forum and to everyone who posted bug feedback/support/critique - thankyou all so much!

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