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Sephiroth Patch

Well, I've taken it upon myself to create an original model Sephiroth patch for FFVII PC version.  The patch makes Sephiroth and Cloud swap places so you play as Sephy against the evil Cloud!  There are still a few kinks in the patch (look under the cut for a glitch list) but it's very, very close to being a perfect swap!

The patch is an immense filesize (128mb) but to compensate it's one easy to update exe file.  The patch updates Sephiroth/Cloud in the field, battle; world map; menu icons; text references; chocobo mini game and bike mini game.

Download version 1.0

Screenshots to show you what the patch does:

Compilation of Sephiroth models in the field:

Sephiroth in wheelchair:

Young Sephy (Awwww... ain't he cute!):

Female/Tranny Sephiroth:

Compilation of Cloud models as Sephiroth:

Sephiroth in battle:

Sephiroth on world map:

Sephiroth in bike and chocobo mini game:

Bizzaro Cloud:

Safer Cloud:

Sephy Icons:

However, there are still a few glitches that need ironing out:

Obese patch size.

Cloud's head appears when Jessie explains Midgar on the train.

Snowboard mini game.

Cloud icon on bike mini game.

Safer Cloud still has Sephiroth's eye texture.

Barret occasionaly refers to Sephiroth (as Cloud) as Spike head.

In the Nibelheim flashback, Cloud, in battle, is still refered to as Sephiroth.

The deafult name for Sephiroth is still Cloud.

Cutscenes .

Sephiroth limit breaks and other battle animations - currently Sephiroth has Cloud's limit breaks and the animations are very whacked.  The moves still work - they just look weird.

For the next version I'll also polish the Safer and Bizzaro Cloud models.

Any bug feedback/model critique/support is very much appreciated  wink

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