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test [23 Jul 2014|08:39pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

test ///image test/url test/
(My first post in LIVEJOURNAL)

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Top-and-Tail (Fanfiction) [20 Jun 2014|12:40pm]

Title: Top-and-Tail

Genre: Humour, Romance

Rating: M

Relationships: Cloud/Zack, implied Cloud/Sephiroth and Zack/Sephiroth

Characters: Cloud, Zack

Word Count: 1,500

Summary: He’d just looked at him and said,  ‘Want to crash on my couch for a while?’  Of course, the kind gesture was ruined when Cloud realised he didn’t actually have a couch.

Warnings: Underage (jailbait)

At my journal.
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Gossamer and Spidersilk Reposted on AO3 [29 Apr 2014|11:58am]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Fic Search? [17 Apr 2014|04:14pm]

[ mood | pleading ]

Hello! I've been searching for this awhile in my old haunts, but I can't find this fic anymore. I remember reading it on both LJ and years ago.

It is a story wherein Cloud goes back in time because the planet is literally dying (black things are stripping away the life of the earth). There are kind of wolf dynamics of alpha, beta, and gamma. Before Cloud is sent back, he is asked to say "Kneel," which everyone blissfully responds to. During this state, the people are extremely malleable.

So in this universe, people are separated into alpha, beta, gamma, and so on all the way to omega classifications. It also occurs in SOLDIER. Cloud while as a cadet using codes given to him steals information, and commands people to follow his instructions and then "stop breathing." When he faces off against Sephiroth and Angeal, he says, "On your knees, Sephiroth" three times. Cloud has this power because he is the Ultima.

When he saves Vincent, he knows that beta Vincent has to be physically restrained instead of verbally ordered. After the destruction of Shinra and Jenova, Cloud promises to become only Vincent's Ultima. (There is d/s undertones of bondage for Vincent, and a slight hint of Cloud/Vincent.)

Please help me! Thank you!

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Kiki doujinshi for sale [05 Feb 2014|05:15pm]

Size: B5
Page: 22
Like new
Price: $20 (free shipping in US)
Size: B5
Page: 44
Like new
Price: $25 (free shipping in US)

Size: B5
Page: 300 ish
Like new
Price: $55 (free shipping in US)

If you are interested, please PM me. Thanks!

Need $$$ [04 Feb 2014|04:34pm]

Selling my Final Fantasy VII Materia Pendant Holy:
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SELLING: DOUJINSHI [11 Jan 2014|03:45pm]

Hello! I have some Zack/Cloud and a Sephiroth+Zack doujinshi for sale if anyone is interested! The details can be found here at my sales post!

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All of My Friends are Dead (Fanfiction) [30 Dec 2013|11:04pm]


Title: All of My Friends are Dead

Genre: Angst

Rating: PG

Relationships: Implied Tifa/Cloud, Tifa/Aerith or possibly Cloud/Sephiroth, depending how you are inclined to read it

Characters: Red XIII (Nanaki)

Summary: Nanaki outlives the rest of Avalanche

Warnings: Character death (SO MANY DEATHS I’M SORRY), mild language

At my journal.

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Fan Art - Sephiroth [11 Dec 2013|10:24am]

I was appalled that I hadn't yet drawn anything of Sephiroth even if Zack is my fav baby so in an attempt to redeem myself I drew two.
Wow, when they are viewed side by side...that tan, man, that tan and speaking of tans I forgot to add tanlines on Sepiroth smoking hot body.

Click on pictures for larger versions.
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Fan Art : Counter Crisis - Rebound [01 Dec 2013|11:48am]

Did another little fan art of a scene where Zack and Cloud are sparring against one another. :) Click the image for an enlarged version.

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Fan Art : Counter Crisis - Group Hug [19 Nov 2013|09:13pm]

Hey Guys, I recently got into FVII fandom, with a little push from a friend who writes fantastic FFVII fanfiction (Counter Crisis). XD And whenever I read anything great I have a habit of fanarting it. :D Click the picture for an enlarged version. :)

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Fic Search: Time Travel [11 Nov 2013|12:25am]

I'm looking for a time travel fic.


In it, the planet sends back as many people as it can (Aerith, Cloud, Vincent, Tseng and Reeve were sent back for certain) back into their younger selves (Cloud and Aerith are like 5).

Cloud isn't in charge of saving the world this time - that's Aerith's job.

Tseng via Reeve, sends baby!Cloud some materia (confuse and another?) and an order to kill Hojo, hidden inside a lead? statue of cait sith. Cloud enlists Vincents help and they kill Hojo by confusing his guards and having some nibel wolves rip him apart.

When Tseng shows up afterwords he's surprised at how young Cloud is because he'd forgotten about the differences in their ages.

Aerith runs about being a child genius at university under the surname of Gast.

Cloud also attends Junon University as a child genius and "invents" a sword with about 15-ish materia slots. ("Invents" because it had been invented In The Future and he was just stealing the process.)

I believe the last/most recent chapter was that he had to show off his newly-created sword to a committee.


Does anybody know what story I'm talking about?
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looking for a fic of FFVII [09 Nov 2013|10:47pm]

hi im looking for a fanfiction story that i read a long time ago i cant remember the name but the story goes like this:
sephiroth ,genesis ,angeal and zack are all good but the planet is dying and it sent her weapons to destroy all humans now they have to survive pluse cloud never joined shinra. last i read it was on but i cant remember the name or if its still there !
please if anyone has it or if u can tell me where to find it id really appreciate it !
thank you
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[Fic]Follow The Leader - Tseng & the Turks [02 Nov 2013|04:17pm]

Written for the rare characters fanworks exchange, some Tseng-centric fic.

Follow The Leader (6491 words) by thousanth
Fandom: Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Violence and some language.
Relationships: Reno/Tseng
Characters: Tseng (Compilation of FFVII), Reno (Compilation of FFVII), Rude (Compilation of FFVII), Elena (Compilation of FFVII), Cissnei (Compilations of Final Fantasy VII), Rufus Shinra, Angeal Hewley
Additional Tags: scenes from the past, Character Study

Tseng and his Turks. One day someone will tell him why they're still following him after all this time, because for the life of him Tseng can't work out why.

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Promoting the newest FF press community on Livejournal! [30 Aug 2013|03:53pm]

ffsakes is a community for all Final Fantasy news and updates. I used to post daily on the celebrity gossip community ohnotheydidnt under their 'computer / video games' tag, but they felt I was posting too much Final Fantasy, so I created my own group. Final Fantasy are games I absolutely adore and love to talk about, and I hope I can come across many users who feel the same!

Please go check it out!
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Fic Search: Kabuki Warrior by Lady Yashodoa [10 Jul 2013|07:37pm]


So, suddenly on a Mulan kick, I remember a fusion fic I read, many years ago (and reread often). I can tell it really made an impression on me, because I actually remembered the name of it.

Kabuki Warrior by Lady Yashodoa is a Mulan/Final Fantasy 7 crossover, starring Cloud Strife as Mulan, a kubiki actor who joings the war. Sephiroth, of course, is Li Shang.

It wasn’t the best thing ever written, but it certainly had a presense about it that still makes me want to read it over and over again.

Unfortunately, google says the only place it lived was on a geocities website, and we all know geocities is now the way of the dodo.

So, if anybody has a copy laying about on their computer, or even a link to the story on another website if it exists, could you send me a line?

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Rare Characters Exchange [02 Jul 2013|01:07pm]

(Mods, I hope this is allowed. If not, please feel free to delete)

Hi guys,

my friend and I are hosting the new Rare Characters Exchange and maybe some of you are interested in participating. Yaoi, yuri, gen, fics, art, you name it...everything is allowed!

Rare Characters

Rare Characters, a multifandom exchange for rare and underrated characters!

Rules | FAQ | Nominations
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[FIC] Taking the Third [10 Apr 2013|04:07pm]


Title: Taking the Third: Chapter 1/3
Author: AotA
Rating: T
Characters: Zack, Angeal
Summary: It was kill or be killed that cold day in Modeoheim, but Zack decides to give that particular scenario the finger because that's just who he is.


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[09 Apr 2013|09:07pm]

- 35 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Icons

More here @ gothrockrulz.
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[Fic] No Virgins At All [05 Mar 2013|08:17am]

Title: No Virgins At All
Fandom: FFVII: CC
Characters: Sephiroth, Genesis, Angeal, Zack, Cloud.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1348
Genre: Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Humor
Notes: [AU: Fantasy] For [community profile] trope_bingo. Title and cut text from these lyrics.
Summary: There's quite a bit about humans that's hard to understand.

( Do virgins taste better than those who are not? )
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